New publications by Angela Cockayne & Philip Hoare
Provenance 2010 Wunderkammer
Dominion 2011 A Whale Symposium
Blueprints 2013 Oblique plans for Custodians
Moby-Dick 2013
Ancient Mariner 2020
Radical Fauna 2022
Format 240 x 170 mm
Pages: 104

Illustrations: 26 colour & B/W
ISBN: 978-0-9566462-0-0
Price: £11.95

Published October 2010 to accompany the International Symposium and Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art Practice, in response to the theme of Provenance and the

Wunderkammer. The exhibition and symposium explore a relationship with the history and ethics of collecting natural specimens, and questions posed by a collision of the past, present and the future of such collections. Provenance, like the Wunderkammer is a commentary on the naturalistic representation of the physical world, to stimulate conversation, inspire wonder and to provide a threshold to view our own reflection in the ambiguous connections between the natural world and humanity.

Curated, edited and introduction by Angela Cockayne, the publication includes texts by Stephen Beasley, Philip Hoare, Gabrielle Forshaw, Viktor Wynd and Molly Young.

Title: Dominion 2011
Editors: Angela Cockayne & Philip Hoare

Throughout history, the whale has fascinated artists, scientists, writers, musicians, storytellers. From the ancient civilisations to aboriginal peoples, from 19th century literature, in the shape of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, to 21st century cinema such as Free Willy and Whale Rider.

The Dominion exhibition and Whale Festival at Plymouth, February 2011, the first to be held in the UK, celebrated the iconographic image of the whale and explored its place in literature, biology and history. The festival featured eminent scientists from the field of cetacean studies and explored the cultural significance of the whale through film, music, poetry readings and gallery talks, and sought to explore and celebrate the links between science and the arts.

At its centre was the unique collaboration between the artist, Angela Cockayne, Reader and Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University, and the acclaimed writer Philip Hoare.
Flukes and Gynkos

Title:BluePrints 2013
Angela Cockayne
This collection of oblique schemes and plans, chart a consilience of creative inquiry between art, natural sciences and ecology to adress issues of the future sustainability of the planet.